Patrick of Bourbon & Banter

Patrick "Pops" Garrett is the founder of Bourbon & Banter – one of the bourbon universe's largest presences online and off. A seasoned world traveler, Pops has honed his palate across an impressive spread of world countries, including spending several of his formative adult years immersed in the infamous Japanese drinking culture.


Founded in 2011, Bourbon & Banter started with a single goal – to spread the bourbon gospel. Almost a decade later, it has grown to become an industry hallmark publication with a team of 17 bourbon enthusiasts providing unfiltered reviews, honest industry analysis, and bourbon tourism tips. Each year, they host the most extensive online celebration of Bourbon Heritage Month – – in which they unite distilleries, brands, consumers, and writers to share their love of bourbon for the whole month of September.


Said to have enjoyed over 11,000 pours of whiskey in his time, Pops is a voice for every drinker. Check out his work at Shared Pour today!