Patrick of Bourbon & Banter

Patrick, colloquially known as Pops, Garret is the Founder and Chief Drinking officer of Bourbon & Banter – one of the bourbon universe's largest presences online and off. A bonafide world traveler, Pops has seen an impressive spread of world countries in his expeditions, including some time in Japan.

Bourbon & Banter is a hallmark publication online, generating mounds of reviews, articles, travel tips. Perhaps the sites most famous campaign is their yearly focus on Bourbon Heritage Month, in which distilleries, brands, consumers and writers gather under the Bourbon & Banter banner to share their love of bourbon for the whole month of September.

Said to have enjoyed at least 10,000 shots of whiskey in his time, Pops is a voice for every drinker. Check out his work at Shared Pour today!