Blantons Single Barrel 750ml and Warehouse H Book

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This exclusive bourbon concierge package deal includes 1 bottle of blantons original single barrel 750ml and the brand new warehouse H book written by our friend and foremost Blantons brand expert Dominic Guglielmi.

Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon isn't just a popular brand of whiskey; its launch in 1984 was historic. As the first single-barrel bourbon, it is bottled one barrel at a time as opposed to first mixing together multiple barrels. It helped define a new “super- premium” category for bourbon, where only the choicest barrels are selected and bottled. One author called the creation of Blanton's "the whiskey equivalent of a Hail Mary pass." Together with other super-premium brands launched in the years following Blanton’s debut, they sowed the seeds of a twenty-first century bourbon boom that saved the American whiskey industry from near collapse. 

Along with its historic rise, Blanton's is now one of the world's most sought-after whiskeys. It has been the most-searched whiskey on the alcohol price-tracking website Wine-Searcher for multiple years. While it maintains legions of loyal fans who deplete liquor store shelves of the product, the hype that enshrouds the brand is often the subject of debate as to the quality of the bourbon itself. 

Warehouse H: The Story of Blanton’s Bourbon, America’s Most Influential Whiskey dives deep into the story behind the brand, explores its origins, and documents the unlikely rise and contribution of the first single-barrel bourbon. In addition, it is a catalog of all known Blanton's releases, some exceptionally rare, with insights and anecdotes capturing all things Blanton's, from its birth to the present day.