Bourbon Lens Off Hours Single Barrel Bourbon Selection

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Bourbon Lens x Off Hours Bourbon Single Barrel Selection

This unique single barrel bourbon was selected to commemorate the successful launch of our 12-part podcast series with Off Hours Bourbon. "Off Hours with Bourbon Lens" podcast was created to connect our listeners with members of the whiskey community on a deeper level than just whiskey. It is a podcast about the people behind the bourbon and whiskey we love; what drives them and how they recharge. Off Hours Bourbon celebrates the moments that exist in between busy work schedules, the routine of life, and our daily commitments. The brand focuses on the value of disconnecting for a moment, despite our overly-connected lives. 

The barrel was selected from a diverse lineup of 6 barrels from Off Hours single barrel portfolio which was curated by Ashley Barnes, Co-Founder & Master Blender of The Spirits Group LLC. This also marks our first single barrel selection made with input from members of the Bourbon Lens Patreon community. 

Tasting Notes:
Nose - sweet corn, honey, and fragrant herbal and floral notes.
Palate - bright citrus, warm honey syrup, and concentrated oak and wood sugars with a lingering sweet corn note that will have you going back for more.
Finish - this nearly 6 year old "short barrel" (only yielding 98 bottles) has a medium finish with lasting wood and corn sugars.

Proof: 104.6  (Cask Strength)
: 52.3% ABV
Mashbill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Malted Barley
Age: 5 Years
Barrel Yield: 98 Bottles
Spirit Type: Bourbon Whiskey
Distillery: MGP