Clase Azul Master Artisans


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This is the first limited edition of the Clase Azul Master Artisans collection. 

This creation is the epitome of our artisanal tradition since it combines the experience of our Master Distiller, Viridiana Tinoco, with the virtuosity of Ángel Santos, one of the most influential Mexican artisans of our time.

The striking artwork on the handcrafted decanter was inspired by the beauty of long-plumed pheasants. These birds symbolize light, prosperity, the sun, and wealth in various cultures. The blue color used for these illustrations represents the sky, air, and water. 

The decanter also portrays five and six-petalled flowers–symbols that are traditionally used in artisanal clay techniques in Tonalá, a small town in Jalisco renowned as the “cradle of ceramics” in Mexico.

Our Master Distiller, Viridiana Tinoco, created the longest aged blend in Clase Azul’s history.

This extraordinary 8-year-old extra añejo tequila began its journey in casks previously used for American whiskey, where it was aged for 64 months. For the following 41 months of aging the tequila was distributed into three different types of sherry casks: amontillado, oloroso, and pedro ximénez, resulting in a blend with incomparable complexity.

Ángel Santos is the creator of this magnificent artwork. He has been awarded internationally for his high craftsmanship, which represents a deep connection and admiration for his country's ancestral techniques.

Beyond his role as creator, Mr. Santos is a cultural promoter of Folk Art and helps keep Mexican ancestral legacy alive as a teacher to future generations of artisans.