Copper & Cask 6 Year Double Barrel Rye Whiskey "Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun" - Bourbonfinds Single Barrel Selection

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This release from Copper & Cask, is a 6 year straight rye whiskey sourced from MGP and which was finished in a second oak barrel (double barrel or double oaked).  It is named "Double the Barrel, Double the Fun" because this bottle has some very cool rye notes which will make it approachable to all whiskey drinkers. This single barrel selection is bottled at 109.4 proof and is a 95/5 MGP Rye mashbill and it is a delicious example of how fun a rye can be , plus there is no traditional rye spice! 

The tasting notes are: a surprising amount of spearmint and vanilla on the nose with the palate that is a continuation of the spearmint but also subtle hints of oak sweetness coming through. The finish acts like it will be short and full of sweet notes but then a final wave of mint comes through which gives a nice lingering note. I look forward to everyone enjoying my first Copper & Cask single barrel.