Corbin Cash #87 7yr Single Barrel Rye "Mash & Journey & t8ke" Collaboration Private Barrel Selection


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For over 100 years, farmland in California’s beautiful San Joaquin Valley, where rich soil and endless sunshine create the perfect conditions for raising the best sweet potatoes. When David John Souza took the reigns of the family business, he set out to discover new ways people could enjoy this delicious food. A love of good times, plus a dose of entrepreneurship, led him to create an ultra-premium spirits company called Corbin Cash, named after his son Corbin Cash Souza.
This grain to glass Corbin Cash Single Barrel Merced Rye Whiskey is made from an ultra-rare, 100-percent California native Merced Rye mashbill. The whiskey aged in their custom-charred American white oak barrels for 7 full years.
Tasting Notes: Corbin Cash Single Barrel #87 - 138 Proof - 104 bottles - $99.99 - LIMIT 1
Nose: Rum raisin and cinnamon, rye bread, chocolate, spice and a hint of root beer and barrel char.
Palate: The sweetness of this one really punches through. More chocolate, rye bread and cinnamon raisin comes through on the palate. Its oily and rich without the proof being too overpowering. The merced rye grain is prevalent and offers a bit of a rye funk on the finish as well. It's a monster of a rye whiskey with a finish that lingers. A couple drops of water opens up some more of the chocolate notes as well.
Overall if you're into funky rye whiskeys that are different, sweet, high proof and flavor monsters...don't sleep on this one.