Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye r/Bourbon Private Selection


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Distilled and bottled by Dad's Hat in Pennsylvania, this single cask rye is a whopper, bottled at 63% ABV (126pf). 

Distilled June 30th, 2017, bottled 12/18/2022. This comes from barrel #17 and yielded 181 bottles. 


Dad's Hat is brand new to our program. I love what they're doing. Dedicated to producing Pennsylvania style rye in Pennsylvania, they're as craft as it gets, with a track record of delicious rye from start to finish. I tried them about 2 years ago and was floored. It wasn't until I sat in on a recent Lost Lantern presentation which had Dad's Hat as a guest that I was reminded I needed to pursue their single barrels. After getting in touch and working through some samples, I was convinced we needed a barrel for our program. 

The team there was awesome, and we'll plan an on-site selection with room for guests later this summer. They're a no-shortcuts producer who makes some of the best rye I'm confident folks may have never heard of. This cask is punchy, high proof, well aged and well priced, and that's a tough mark to hit these days. My artistic sensibilities failed me on this release, so we're sticking with just the standard labeling and bottle personalized to us, to keep it at the best price possible. You're gonna want to try this one. 

  • ABV: 63% ABV  |126pf
  • Age:  5 Years, 5 Months, 18 Days
  • State of Distillation: Pennsylvania, USA (Dad's Hat)
  • Bottling State: Pennsylvania, USA (Dad's Hat)
  • Mashbill: 80% Rye, 15% Malted Barley, 5% Malted Rye
  • Info: Barrel Strength, Unfiltered, No Additives, No Coloring
  • Labeling: Custom r/Bourbon Labeling On Bottle
  • Tasting Notes: Some people complain that some ryes are too meek. Some folks just complain in general. Dad's Hat's rye brings a powerful, complex, intriguing look at a profile that's aggressively rye on the nose, and complex and varied on the palate. From the nose, it's easy to think you might be entering the rye thunderdome. Citrus, spearmint, warm pancake syrup, orange peel and honey greet you initially. On the palate, it's rich and viscous. This coats the palate and the proof is sort of a shocker. You can tell from the viscosity it's way up there in proof, but on the back palate and finish it's well integrated and easy drinking. Honey, black tea, rye bread and orange peel dance on the palate. Long, punchy finish. This makes a monster manhattan, one of the best I've had. Suggestion: black walnut bitters+carpano antica.