Dancing Goat 7yr Rye #9707 r/Bourbon Single Barrel Selection Sorghum & Sassafras Bitters Finish


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    • Distilled: Indiana, USA (MGP)
    • Aged In: Indiana & Wisconsin
    • Bottled: Wisconsin, USA (Dancing Goat)
    • Mashbill: 95/5 Rye
    • ABV: 56.8% ABV 
    • Age: 7 Years
    • Details: Barrel Proof, No Coloring, No Filtering, Single Barrel
    • Labeling: Custom r/Bourbon Front Labeling
    • Tasting Notes:  Buckle up. I think this has the legs to replace amburana, or rather, kill it as an amburana+. this has tons of decadent spice and dessert without an overbearing character. The nose is full of caramelized sugar, rock candy, honey, pepper and a dash of clove and butterscotch. Light cinnamon and nutmeg mix with demerara sugar on the nose, a dash of ango and loads of dark fruit. The palate is a cross between ginger beer, honey, toffee, sweet maple, tobacco and stewed fruits. The finish is quick and clean, combines toffee, cinnamon, butter cream, butterscotch and a bit of pepper before whisping off. Makes an unbelievable Manhattan, I'd recommend split base with this and your favorite barrel proof rye, then adjust to balance spice to your liking. Also, maple old fashioned with rye instead of bourbon. Tis the season.