Driftless Glen #1666 Single Barrel Barrel Proof Rye The Bourbon Judge, Bourbon Van, Bourbon of the Week Private Barrel Selection


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Driftless Glen Rye Whiskey #1666 | The Bourbon Judge | The Bourbon Van | Bourbon of the Week Collaborative Selection
Company: Driftless Glen
Product: Cask Strength Rye Whiskey
Age: 7 Years
Proof: 125
Notes: Salted caramel, charred oak, and a hint of coffee greet you on the nose. Rich mocha coffee and soft Mexican chocolate appear on the palate. Deceptively approachable, this whiskey presents a clean and silky mouthfeel with no bite, sipping well below 122 proof. A flavorful and satisfying finish awaits, presenting a flood of creamy caramel, offset by a hint of black pepper spice. Balanced and flavorful, this 7 year aged rye whiskey benefits from the distiller's patience, and it does so at an affordable price.