Driftless Glen #900 7 Year 6 Month Single Barrel Barrel Proof Bourbon r/Bourbon Private Barrel Selection


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If you're thinking: holy cow, that seems old for Driftless...you'd be right. This is Barrel #900, one of their earliest full barrel releases and it's been slumbering a good, long, while waiting for our program. I'm thrilled that Driftless has been a long term partner of the program, and they are always great about letting us dive into their top shelf stuff, or to create our own (think Exclusive Cask Series). This barrel is 7 years and 6 months old, and I can't wait for y'all to try it. They don't actually have a label made for a 7 year bourbon, so this is bottled using their "5+ Year" label. 
  • ABV: 62.5% ABV
  • Age:  7 Years, 6 Months
  • State of Distillation: Wisconsin, USA (Driftless Glen)
  • Bottling State: Wisconsin, USA (Driftless Glen)
  • Info: #900, Barrel Strength, Unfiltered, No Additives, No Coloring, 53 Gallon Barrel
  • Labeling: Custom r/Bourbon Labeling On Bottle
  • Tasting Notes: Love at first sniff, this root beer cherry bomb is laced with cocoa and packed with char, toffee, and a touch of espresso. Viscous on the palate, it's bold, punchy and char driven, with strong, developed oak structure, pralines, caramel candies, a touch of baking spice and a gargantuan molasses spine. Long finish, it carries impressively with the generous proof and ends in a viscous, chewy, root beer and toffee bomb.