Driftless Glen Sauternes Finished Rye Exclusive Cask Series Edition 6 r/Bourbon Single Barrel Selection


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  • Distilled: Wisconsin USA (Driftless Glen) 
  • Aged In: Wisconsin USA (Driftless Glen) 
  • Bottled: Wisconsin USA (Driftless Glen) 
  • Age: 6 Years + 10mo Sauternes Cask Finish
  • More Info: Cask Strength, Single Barrel, No Coloring, No Filtering, 53 Gallon Barrel maturation 
  • ABV:  59% ABV 
  • Labeling: Custom r/Bourbon Labeling
  • T8ke's Tasting Notes: One of my favorite releases yet, the bold rye spice that Driftless Glen is showing at these higher age statements blends beautifully with the brioche, maple and decadent brulee notes from the Sauternes. Rye works so wonderfully with a good finishing cask. The nose is packed with cracked pepper, coffee, creme brulee, brioche, icing and tobacco and oak. The palate is rich and viscous, drinks much more like a 100pf whiskey, loaded with sweet cream, honey, big rye spice, orange peel, morello cherry, a punch of herbal rye and gorgeous sweet wine. Long finish, heavy on the palate with a great texture and syrupy texture leads out with a pop of spicy rye and a simmer of sweet sauternes.