Found North “T8KE-02” r/Bourbon Exclusive Cask Strength Batch Codename "Muskrat"


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    • Distilled: Canada
    • Aged In: Canada & New Hampshire
    • Bottled: New Hampshire, USA (Found North)
    • ABV: 59.6% ABV 
    • Age: 12-26 Year Components
    • Details: Barrel Proof, No Coloring, No Filtering
    • Labeling: Custom r/Bourbon Front Labeling
    • Tasting Notes:  Oh, Muskrat, you devilish critter. This batch goes hard as a savory, rich, brooding dessert pour. The muscat component pops immediately, bready and sweet, dark and rich. Raisin bread, poundcake, pipe tobacco, chocolate covered espresso beans and cherry cordials punch on the nose. The palate is opulent and syrupy, really viscous. The luxardo and cherry note stick around, tobacco continues to develop and the Hungarian and Sherry oak drive savory sweetness forward once more. There's heavier oak in this batch, punchy with baking spice all the same. The espresso and pound cake persist, a hint of espresso pops once more. The finish is all oak, with a touch of sherry and more Muscat once more, tobacco forward with bits of espresso, luxardo cherry, sweet toasted oak and cinnamon sugar toast. All in all, it's a deeply indulgent whiskey, perfectly poised to balance the brulee and red berries of Batch 1.