Lous Mouracs 40yr L'Encantada 1981 Armagnac Aficionados Group Exclusive Single Cask Selection


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Lous Mouracs 1981, 12.01DO.#02, Cask #25, 48% abv


“Dan’s Educated Guess”

This Armagnac Ténarèze was distilled in 1981 from Colombard and Ugni Blanc before maturing over 40 years in oak. The contents of the original cask 323 were recasked into cask 25 at some point in the last few years. I tasted this straight from said cask on my 40th birthday last year, and later identified it out of a blind line-up (in a panel with friends). 100 bottles were drawn at 48.5% ABV for Aficionados Group in March 2023.

Nose: mulled cider. cinnamon, cloves, raisins. Chalky / earthy, warm.

Palate: a nice kick of heat. Slightly tart, but moreso a nice apple pie sweetness. Brown sugar, baking chocolate. Cinnamon and cloves again. Generous but not overbearing oak. Cola. Somewhat oily mouthfeel.

Finish: it keeps kicking, warming, drying. Baking spices for days.

This is a much more immediately (and overall) gratifying Mouracs than any of the others I’ve tried except of course for the legendary two (1979 cask 3 and 1983 cask 25 r1). It’s a lot closer to the Lincoln Road release than the 1979; honestly I think it’s closer to the former than the Frugal / WWC bottling was. All of which is to say I think it’s really good. It’s been a tough exercise of restraint to save a pour of this for months. I can’t wait til release day.  --Dan, Aficionados Group Co-Founder (PhillyPretzelTahiniShake)