Mash & Journey Rare Character 6yr Single Barrel Bourbon Selection

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Info about the pick: Back in January Scott reached out to a brand called Rare Character to see what exactly they had brewing. We found out that these MGP sourced barrels were a bit different from others we had come across.

The bourbon was distilled at MGP but aged at the fabled Old Taylor Warehouse which sits at what is now Castle & Key. It provides a different MGP profile than you're used to but in such a good way.

This bottle comes in at 6 years old, 113.54 Proof, mashbill of 75/21/4. Distilled in May of 2016, bottled in May of 2022.


Tasting Notes:

Nose: Complex for a 6 year, gives you throwback Old Grand Dad notes from the 80's. Sweet oak and butterscotch laced with cinnamon, citrus and leather.

Taste: Very oily texture is a highlight, more of the same on the palate leading with a toffee and butterscotch combo, hitting with citrus and cinnamon at mid palate. Once the finish hits, a faint leather and cinnamon combo emerges with a spicy and lingering finish. The finish lingers with more brown butter and black pepper.

This is a fantastic flavor profile that can go up against some heavy hitters. Cheers!