NULU Toasted Maple Finished Bourbon WC7


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MGP Bourbon is notorious for a classic maple syrup sweetness, making a barrel once filled with maple syrup a fantastic option for finishing MGP Bourbon in! This 5yr MGP 21% rye / 75% corn / 4% malted barley) spent 4 weeks in a toasted uncharred barrel before going into a barrel that was previously filled with maple syrup for another 5 months. 

The result is something magnificent! Imagine a plate of buttery pancakes that have been smothered in sweet maple syrup. Additional tasting notes include brown sugar, salted caramel, baking spice, and a touch of sweet citrus. The palate is super viscous and transitions to a pleasantly long finish that’ll leave you coming back for more. This Bourbon is not overly sweet and the maple doesn’t dominate. It’s a wonderfully balanced Bourbon and really shows the quality of the NULU Experimental Finish Series. Whiskey Consensus NULU Toasted Maple Finished Bourbon is bottled at cask strength of 114 proof/57% All By Vol.