Off Hours Bourbon r/Bourbon Single Barrel Selection

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r/Bourbon's next barrel is from a new brand as well - Off Hours bourbon. They're bottling selected MGP stocks as well, and we hit it off early last year. I've been picking through their stocks, which are very well priced, and taking barrels here and there that really stick out. I like working with their team, I appreciate their super minimal branding (folks after my own heart) and our first barrel from them is here and ready to roll. 


Off Hours Single Barrel 

  • Age: 5 Years, 10 Months
  • ABV: 51.55% ABV
  • Tasting Notes: An oaky barrel that reminds me of what I liked from our recent NBC run of bourbon. Bold coffee, toffee, oak and caramel notes with a lively, fruit pie back palate. Think creme brulee, apple pie, big cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and rich oak and toffee. A touch of funk on the finish, it ends crisp and clean and the lower proof really works well here to deliver a big viscosity without punishing heat.