Penelope 23-1049 Infinity Toasted Bourbon Bourbonfinds Private Barrel Selection


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Penelope Toasted Infinity Barrel
Company: Penelope Bourbon

Distilled: MGP
Product: Toasted Barrel Strength Bourbon - Infinity Blend
Age: Blend of 4-6+ year old toasted bourbons
Proof: 111
Notes: This is the first ever barrel pick of the toasted barrel bourbon infinity barrel blend from Penelope and it is extremely limited with less than 80 bottles in this blend. This selection is a blend of multiple char/ toasted barrels spanning from Char 1 heavy toast to Char 5 Heavy Toast all combined into a new Char 1 Heavy Toasted Oak barrel with ages spanning from 4-6 years old and bottled at 111 proof.

As this is a blend of toasted bourbons finished in a new toasted oak barrel the toasted notes are emphasized and rich and a wonderful sweetness shines through to a long finish. For those lucky enough to get a bottle, enjoy this instant unicorn.