Penelope Private Selection Blended By Boston Scally Co

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Penelope Private Selection Blended By Boston Scally Co

It's no secret that the very first private selection from Boston Scally Co. in 2021 was a hit. An entire barrel of Bulleit bourbon vanishing in the blink of an eye.

Boston Scally Co is back with their second private release whiskey, blended by founder Mike Arone, joined by John & Jay from Weekly Whiskey

Together, the team spent an evening with Michael Paladini and Danny Polise from Penelope Bourbon Company and took their bourbon endeavors one step further than simply picking a barrel of bourbon.

Instead, they created their very own, proprietary blend. With three different mashbills of bourbon at the ready, the team blended, tweaked, adjusted and settled on a final bourbon blend. It's now bottled at barrel proof, completely unadulterated from the recipe developed by founder Mike Arone. 

Barrel proof whiskey means there's been no dilution or filtering. If you like your whiskey on the smoother, lower proof side - fear not, this bourbon drinks smooth and easy with a splash of water or on the rocks. Drink it neat, or mix it up in a cocktail if you so choose. It's versatile, bold, flavorful, but most importantly: made with care and innovation, ready for you to enjoy however you like. 

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About Boston Scally Co:

There is a certain vibe in Boston that starts with its’ people.

It's their sarcasm, their underlying rugged persona…and the one-of-a-kind culture they all embrace.

Knowing that there is no better way to share this with others than in the form of Boston’s most culture-defining piece of headwear--the 'scally' cap--Boston Scally Company was soon established.

We aim to give those, not only from Boston, the opportunity to own a quality cap or shirt that represents our blue-collar mentality and the culture behind it. If you understand the tough, humble and loveable nature of Bostonians then you will understand Boston Scally Company.

About Penelope Bourbon: 

Penelope Bourbon was crafted and created in a classic American tradition – to celebrate an impending birth of a child. In 2018, Mike Paladini and his wife, Kerry, found out they were expecting a baby girl, Penelope.  To commemorate this occasion, Mike quickly realized he wanted to create a spirit that embodied the daily joy of celebrating life’s pleasures – big and small. 

Teaming up with his close childhood friend and neighbor, Danny Polise, they set out to discover and produce a Straight Bourbon Whiskey everyone could appreciate and enjoy. A company was born.

Today, Penelope Bourbon is sold in over 26 states nationwide and 4 countries. Proving that with enough love and care, and hard work, anything is possible.