r/Bourbon Off Hours Single Barrel Bourbon "52,560 Hours"

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Off Hours 6yr Single Barrel Bourbon "52,560 Hours" r/Bourbon Selection 

At over 6 years old, it's been waiting for us for 50,000 hours and then some.

I had the idea for this art early this year when the samples from Off Hours came in. One thing I did this year was ditch my apple watch in favor of some much needed head clearing and looking after my daily stress levels. Turns out, having a small computer on your wrist that dings exactly one thousand times per hour telling you to do things just didn't jive with how I work and stay focused. So I tossed it.

That month, I learned about all sorts of old school mechanical complications and movements that go into tried and true mechanical watches. Tons of little levers and gears and springs all doing their one job, sometimes perfectly for decades, just to help you keep an eye on how the time passes. The more I thought about it, that's kinda how barrels work. It's not 1:1, but a lot has to go right for a barrel to sit and sit for years and years and turn out awesome. Weather, temperature, spirit moving in and out of wood, chemical reactions and praying it doesn't become a leaker.

So, as this barrel finally crested 6 years in the spring, please welcome the whiskey that's been waiting for us for 53,560 hours.

  • ABV:  52.3% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years 
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP Distillery)
  • Tasting Notes: The difference a year can make is significant. This barrel embodies all of the classic MGP notes I enjoy with a dash of zip on the finish. Brown sugar, caramel corn, French vanilla and a touch of oak greet you on the nose. On the palate, it has medium viscosity, with a silky texture, nicely layered. The proof is well placed, no ethanol presence. Apple crisp, a touch of cinnamon, big werther's caramel note and the icing and savory richness of a warm cinnamon roll. Long finish, there's some developing oak here that's drying and balances a sweet palate nicely. It's no oak bomb, and it drinks easy and balanced.