Starlight #19-0063 Straight Bourbon Single Barrel Barrel Proof r/Bourbon Private Selection


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    • Distilled: Indiana, USA (Starlight Distillery)
    • Aged In: Indiana, USA 
    • Bottled: Indiana, USA (Starlight Distillery)
    • ABV: 56.8% ABV 
    • Age: 4 Years
    • Barrel #: 19-0063
    • Mashbill: Starlight 4 Grain
    • Details: Barrel Proof, No Coloring, No Filtering, Single Barrel
    • Labeling: Custom r/Bourbon Front Labeling
    • Tasting Notes: A unique single barrel to say the least, this is one of those barrels that tempts me to put in a blind competition sometime. Heavy caramel and oak on the nose, warm peaches and brown sugar, oatmeal, demerara and waffle cone pop on the nose. It's rich, well developed, there's more oak than expected and it has a balance I was surprised to see best the older unfinished bourbons in the batches I tried. Palate is moderate viscosity, nice layers of honey, peaches and brown sugar, sweet oak and light salted caramel. Long finish that plays a tune of nougat, buttercream, light tannin and a final note of peach cobbler. Just lovely.