Sunday Evening Scotch Starlight Single Barrel Bourbon Selection

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About Sunday Evening Scotch:

Michael Porter has been sharing his love of whisk(e)y on Instagram as Sunday Evening Scotch for 3 years. In summer 2021, he discovered Starlight Distillery in his home state of Indiana. It was love at first sip. He has visited Starlight many times since then, including to help 4 groups select barrels. In 2022, he was given the opportunity to select his own barrel and he jumped at it.
About The Barrel:

This barrel was selected on a cold day in March under the knowledgeable guidance of Andrew Jerdonek and Christian Huber of Starlight. The core team was Michael, Breanne (@sherry_bae_bre), Devin (@ispirited), and Andrew (of the Scotch4Dummies). Also on site in Borden, Indiana that day was The Mash and Journey Whiskey Club, represented by Jason (The Mash and Drum), Scott (My Bourbon Journey), Adilio (@adisamuels), Durrell (@thewhiskeysaint), and Marty (Whiskey Knows). Over the course of a few hours, the two groups tasted many fantastic barrels. The Sunday Evening Scotch team was struck by a pair of bourbons that were finished in unpeated Highland scotch casks. Michael loved the idea of a scotch finish as it truly unites his love of both scotch and bourbon. A blind comparison of the two barrels was set up, and the team called in the help of Jason and Durrell to participate in the vote. A very clear winner emerged. The group left Starlight while snow began to fall heavily, already looking forward to summer when the barrel would be ready. That time has come.
Tasting Notes:

What you will find in this bottle are notes of cocoa, honey, malt, vanilla, and a touch of raisins and dried fruit. Worlds truly collide here for a very unique profile. The influence of the scotch cask is not subtle, but the bourbon whiskey shines through strongly.