The Real McCoy 12 Year Barbados Rum


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About The Rum

The Real McCoy Rum comes from the story of Bill McCoy, the pioneer rum runner of the prohibition era. Acting as a floating liquor store three miles off shore, McCoy never actually broke the Prohibition law because in 1920 the international boundary was only 3 miles off shore, and he was very careful never to enter US waters. He maintained a high standard of quality, and that’s why he and his product became known around the world as The Real McCoy.

Today, The Real McCoy is made at the Foursquare Distillery on the Caribbean island of Barbados, where each step of the rum making process is conducted with precision, commitment to quality and attention to detail.

The Real McCoy is a traditional Barbados rum, produced by blending rum from a two-column Coffey still with rum from a copper pot still. This gives The Real McCoy its balanced flavor profile.

Our 12-year-aged super premium rum is mature and balanced with complex wood and spice notes, and a warm elegant finish. It also has a deep rich amber color, which can come from 12-years of aging in top quality wooden casks.

These are the elements that make The Real McCoy what it is today – top quality blackstrap molasses, talented craftsmanship, authentic barrel aging and an uncompromising commitment to actually deliver a rum that is worth of the name, The Real McCoy.

For anyone looking for an absolute top quality super premium, unadulterated dark rum that rivals every other spirit in the world, The Real McCoy rum delivers the goods. This rum lives up to its name. It actually is, The Real McCoy.