Art of the Spirits Cask Strength “The Originals” Double Oaked Straight Bourbon Whiskey


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  • Art of the Spirits Cask Strength “The Originals” Straight Bourbon Whiskey is double oaked in a Char #4 new, 30-gallon American oak barrel.
  • Mashbill: 5% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley
  • Age: 7.62 Years
  • Tasting notes: This bourbon has a caramel, vanilla and oak nose that compliments its elegant gold shine. It has an oak, cinnamon and brown sugar taste that leads to a smooth, medium-long finish filled with baking spices.
  • Further notes:

    The 10th Special Forces Group was born in 1952 from the concepts established by the WW2 OSS. It was the first Special Forces unit created earning its name “The Originals” by establishing its headquarters in Germany and sending personnel to Korea training anti-Communist North Korean partisans.  

    Its mission was to conduct partisan warfare behind enemy lines in Europe. It created and adopted the Trojan Horse Badge and began adorning the Green Berets they wore, and with them, creating the symbolic Green Beret. Members of the 10th have been involved in conflicts around the world ever since. Some of those conflicts include: The Belgian Congo and the training of Middle Eastern Special Warfare forces. Establishing Jordan’s first airborne school, training forces in Yemen and Iran along with Kurdish tribesmen in the mountains as well as providing training and operational support to the Lebanese Army and militias. They were also involved in Operation RESTORE HOPE in Somalia, to support the 1st Belgian Para-Commando Battalion and providing security for meetings with Somali leaders. Service at Entebbe airfield, Uganda to help with the conflict in Rwanda. Service in DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM, refugee aid in PROVIDE COMFORT I and II in the Kurdistan mountains. RESTORE HOPE lead the 1st Armored Division into Bosnia in December 1995 operating under the cover of Joint Commission Observers (JCO).  

    In Kosovo, the unit conducted some of the first joint Russian/American Combat Operations against KLA insurgents. In 2001,

    selected members were deployed with their 5th SFG brothers for the initial operations in Afghanistan, and along with officers of the CIA's Special Activities Division linked up and were the first to enter Iraq prior to the invasion, organizing and leading Kurdish Peshmerga to fight. 

    So, raise your glass in a toast to “The Originals”, past and present, who have stood ready to engage liberty’s enemies “By Any and All Means Necessary” DOL.