Single Barrel Selections

Single Barrel selections are the rage. They’re here to stay, too. So – what’s a single barrel selection?

You’ve likely heard the term a hundred times. Whether it’s Instagram, your favorite podcast, bourbon forums or beyond – it’s certainly a common phrase. 

When whiskey (or other aged spirits) is produced, they require maturation in a barrel or vessel. The size, type of wood, and the previous contents, can all be different, but what’s important is that spirit spends time in wood aging. When the spirit is the proper age, depending on size, climate and the spirit, it’s dumped and bottled. 

Typically, many barrels are dumped and blended together to meet a taste profile. This blend produces many thousands of bottles, and it’s released under a brand name. This is known as a batch, with the final taste being the sum of the parts of each barrel that’s included. 

Single barrels are different, though. In a single barrel program, a distillery invites a group to come taste barrels just as they are, before blending. Each barrel has its own character, it’s own pros and cons. They’re all unique in proof. Some evaporated more, some less. Groups spend time tasting through lots of barrels until they find the one. And then they bottle it. Generally yielding about 160 bottles, these are the only bottles like them. George T Stagg is released in batches sometimes as large as 40,000 bottles. But this barrel has only a couple hundred to give. When they’re gone – they’re gone. 

If you think that’s pretty cool, then you can consider yourself a new member of the legions of spirits enthusiasts who are interested in single barrel selections.  Typically released at barrel proof, these single barrel selections are limited, often unfiltered and bottled at barrel proof, and present amazing flavors at an excellent value. 

Here at Shared Pour, we’re picking loads of barrels, and you can be sure that if we’re selling it, we loved the heck out of it. We’re excited to share our selections with you, to help you discover the magic of great barrels hiding out in rickhouses all over the country – and the world.