Shared Pour Curator Jay of

Jay is the Managing Editor and Spirits Critic for WhiskeyRaiders, a website dedicated to spirits drinkers of all shapes, established in 2020 after acquisition of Jay’s tasted in excess of 2,500 spirits, and written reviews for more than 1,700 of them. This number grows by the day.

Recognized as “the most prolific whiskey reviewer on the internet” by Gear Patrol, Jay’s review style is easy to understand and recognized across the world – both on the internet and off. When he’s not writing reviews, he can be found leading one of the worlds largest spirit forums, and managing single barrel selections – both for and groups, retailers and forums across the globe.

Jay joined Shared Pour to assist in curating new selections at launch, rolling out the best barrels for our passionate drinkers. Jay also deals extensively in Agave, Rum and Brandy spirits.