Backbone Bourbon Almost Old Bones 9 Year Reserve


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Almost Old Bones 9 Year Reserve is a very special release. We were very fortunate to have found these amazing barrels, but finding this whiskey presented a dilemma on what label to use. It wasn’t quite old enough to fit our Old Bones label (10+ years) and it was older than the whiskey we typically use in our flagship product, Backbone Uncut (5-6 years). Our compromise was to create an “Almost” Old Bones label. Why didn’t we wait for it to turn 10 years old? Because it tastes absolutely fantastic now.

Mash Bill: 75% Corn; 15% Rye; 10% Malted Barley

Distillation: Bardstown, Kentucky

Proof: 110

Current Batch: #KY-1

Tasting Notes: This is a big whiskey that needs a little air to allow its flavors to come through - a little water (or some ice) will help a lot. Pleasant notes of char and vanilla on the nose. The front of the palate is sweet and spicy leading to a more intense and gripping mid-palate. The finish is strong with a lot of oak presence.