Berens Old Fashioned Brandy


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Naming a brandy after yourself is egotistical. That's why I named Berens Old Fashioned Brandy after my Grandpa Bob. I can't help it we got the same last name. 

Grandpa Bob is the most Wisconsin guy I ever met and this is the most Wisconsin Brandy we could make. Berens Old Fashioned Brandy is made from the best grapes in the US. And just like me and Grandpa, it's aged in Wisconsin. 

Pairs well with cheese, fishing, weddings, funerals, deer camp, and of course, old fashioneds. Before you sip, cheers it to the sky, Grandpa Bob's up there in heaven cheersing back...and waiting for his cut. Make Grandpa proud, make it a Berens. 

The blend was crafted by Charlie Berens, for Wisconsin. 90 proof...perfect for Wisconsin Old Fashioneds. Ready for every Supper Club & tacklebox

Not available in Texas or Tennessee