Cinco Sentidos Cucharillo y Papalome Aficionados Group Private Batch


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  • Brand: Cinco Sentidos
  • Agave: Papalome y Cucharillo
  • Mezcalero: Delfino Tabon Mejia
  • Region: San Pablo Ameyaltepec, Puebla
  • Information: 10 Cucharillo Penas roasted with 30 Papalome Penas, roasted in underground oven for 4 days, mechanical mill crushed, fermented for 8 days with spring water. Distilled in single pass using three plate copper alembique still. 
  • Proofing: puntas & colas
  • Distilled: May 2022
  • Bottled: November 2022
  • Release Date: November 2023
  • Yield: 50 Bottles
  • ABV: 49.7% ABV 
  • Batch: AFISH10
  • Tasting Notes: Rich, creamy nose full of strawberry, green melon, honey and a pinch of pepper. Unique and fun, layers of soft fruit, crushed stone and a pop of spice. The palate is earthy and peppery at first, giving way to sweet fruits: strawberry, fuji apple, honeydew and a light touch of bell pepper. Long finish, savory and sweet.