Cinco Sentidos Ensamble 4 Magueys Aficionados Group Private Batch

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  • Brand: Cinco Sentidos
  • Agave: 4 Agave Ensamble:
  • Mezcalero: Roberto "Beto" Sanchez
  • Region: El Nanche, Oaxaca
  • Information: Equal parts blend of cultivated Madrecuixe, wild Bicuixe, cultivated Espadin and cultivated American (Mexicano). Harvested by Roberto. Agaves roasted together, underground conical oven, mesquite wood for 5 days. Dry fermented together for 2 days in cypress, well water added and 7 days further fermentation. 
  • Proofing: Puntas & Colas 
  • Distilled: Double distilled copper alembic
  • Bottled: 2023
  • Release: December 2023
  • Yield: 142 Bottles
  • ABV: 50.3% ABV 
  • Batch: AFISH12
  • Tasting Notes: A blast of sweet apple and mango on the nose pops as a touch of poblano, green bell pepper and a hint of pickled japaleno sets in. Satisfying mouthfeel with pepper, rock candy sweetness, citrus and a dash of clay and cotton candy. Long finish, apple and lemongrass dance.