Found North Peregrine


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Release Details

  • 1,602 Bottle Outrun
  • 20-27 Year Old Whiskies
  • Finished in ex-Cognac, New American and French Limousin Casks
  • 63.1% ABV | 126.2 Proof
  • 76% Corn | 23% Rye | 1% Malted Barley
  • Non-Chill Filtered
  • No Additives
  • Natural Color
  • Limit 1 Bottle per Order


Peregrine First Flight is the first 20 year old age-stated whisky we have released and is the culmination of a whisky-making process that we have been developing for the last several years. Our love for Canadian whisky is rooted in blending. Canadian whisky is made by distilling and aging individual grains in order to maximize the creative flexibility of the blender. With Peregrine we took this process a step further. We created a blend and then recasked it into French Limousin, American ex-Cognac and new American oak casks for a 5-month further maturation. After 5 months we took the best 7 casks and reblended them to create Peregrine.

Peregrine started as a blend of 20 year old rye aged in ex-Speyside scotch casks, 22 year old corn in new American oak, 23 year old corn in refill oak, 24 year old corn in ex-bourbon and 27 year old corn in Hungarian oak. Before we further matured this whisky it was blended to create a balanced whisky with a clean palate. The nose was bright with milk chocolate, honeysuckle, orchard fruits, caramel and black pepper. The palate and body were light and fresh. In a synesthetic way, we planned for the original blend to consist of bright, vibrant colors, knowing the further maturation would darken, enliven and enrich the entire profile and tenor of the whisky.

After its further maturation in three different oak types and its reblend, the final whisky is elegant and decadent. The marvel of this whisky is the perfect integration of all the flavors across the entire palate, deep into the finish.

Flavor Notes

The moment you pour Peregrine, candied peaches, exotic wood spice, lavender, milk chocolate and ground cashews flow from the glass in one harmonious chord. The combination of fruit, spice, wood, vanillin and citrus are exceptionally balanced with only a slight emphasis on the bouquet of glazed fruit notes - a symphony of clementine, raspberry and red apple.

Peregrine lands on the palate with a wintry freshness, followed almost immediately by a surging, fruity oiliness. The elegant mid palate thickens into a viscous combination of chocolate, orange and vanilla bean. As it spreads to the side palates, it transitions into cinnamon and herbaceous spice. The back of the palate erupts with sandalwood, lavender, shortbread and a touch of black pepper, barely hinting at its 126.2 proof. The momentary tannic warmth precedes a three stage finish. First comes a sweet gingerbread baking spice, followed by rich tonka bean and orange blossom water and finally, a lingering shortbread with mint leaf that echoes eternal.

Why We Made This Whisky

The word “peregrine” derives from the medieval Latin “falco peregrinus” which translates to “pilgrim falcon.” In medieval times, falconers who wanted to train peregrines could not access their incredibly high nests. In order to train a peregrine, a falconer had to capture one on its “first flight,” its first migratory pilgrimage. Hence the name “falco peregrinus.”

We created Peregrine because we love the process of shaping and reshaping whisky through blending and maturation. When you recask a whisky you allow it to change its trajectory, move in a new direction. By blending the whisky before further maturation, we controlled the starting point. Good maturation of whisky requires matching the wood to the distillate, but we thought - what if we shape the liquid itself to best match a particular maturation regimen?

We named this whisky “Peregrine” because it resonates with our ethos and our belief that Found North is an ongoing exploration, a continual journey. And we named this collection “The High Altitude Collection” because we believe this process of creating a blend for the purpose of further maturation will take great whisky to new heights.