Found North Batch 006


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About This Release: A blend of five whiskies aged 17-26 years, Batch 006 builds off of Batch 002 but adds 20 months of age to the core component whisky

Mashbill: 87% Corn Whiskey,  12% Rye Whiskey,  1% Barley

ABV: 128.2 Proof | 64.1% ABV

Maturation: Matured in new Hungarian and American oak as well as refill and re-char ex-bourbon barrels

Distilled and aged in Canada



Batch 006 is a thunderous cask strength whisky. At 128.2 proof, Found North presents its weightiest whisky to date. The primary component, making up 65% of this 5-whisky blend, is the same foundational whisky that Batch 002 was built around, only 20 months more mature. What it's gained in age has manifested in a deep resonance. We used two other corn components in this blend, capturing the demerara note from the 26 year old Hungarian oak aged whisky and a butterscotch texture from a lively 17 year old corn aged in ex-bourbon barrels.

The combination of these three corn components laid a thick, almost chewy, foundation for the pair of 18 year and 19 year old rye whiskies we blended in. One rye was aged in Hungarian oak, lending a white pepper and mesquite spiciness. The other, aged in rechar American oak, provided the counter melody of bright fruit notes, sweet melon, lychee tea and raspberry jam.


Batch Details

  • 3,512 Bottle Outrun
  • 17-26 Year Old Whiskies
  • Aged in New Hungarian, New American, and Ex-Bourbon Barrels
  • 64.1% ABV | 128.2 Proof
  • 87% Corn | 12% Rye | 1% Malted Barley
  • Non-Chill Filtered
  • No Additives
  • Natural Color