Mammoth 18yr Hazmat Single Barrel Rye r/Bourbon Private Selection


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  • Distilled: Undisclosed Canadian
  • Aged In: Canada & Michigan 
  • Bottled: Michigan USA (Mammoth Distilling)
  • Details: Cask Strength, No Coloring, No Additives, No Filtering, Single Barrel
  • ABV: 71.12% ABV 
  • Age: 18 Years 4 Months
  • Labeling: Custom r/Bourbon Labeling
  • T8ke's Tasting Notes: I wish I had the free time to make a sticker for this release, because I"d have called it The Sneaky Mammoth. It's really hard to picture a colossal creature being sneaky. It's also hard to picture a 140+pf whiskey being sneaky. Yet, here we are. The nose is sweet and spicy, maple driven with a pop of ginger, pepper and a light touch of oak. There's a hint of clove, a touch of vanilla bean and fig sweetness. The palate is viscous, syrupy, heavy and huge. The ethanol is present here and while you can feel it on your palate, it's not punishing or overbearing, hence the sneak. Palate is full of caramels, vanilla, sweet oak, light pepper, ginger and some subtle, apple, pear and tobacco. The finish is powerful and long, and this is where this barrel really excels. The finish is rich and complex, driven by sweet oak, satisfying brulee and maple, tobacco and some light fruit and honey. Despite a huge age statement, the oak presence is satisfying and well integrated, never overbearing. Same with the ethanol. Nice work, Sneaky Mammoth.