Old Elk "Elkerine" Wheated Bourbon Bourbonfinds Single Barrel Selection


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Distilled: MGP (by Greg Metze)

Bottled at: Old Elk Distillery (by Greg Metze)
Product: Wheated Bourbon
Age: 6+ years
Proof: 111.8
Tasting Notes: Sweetness on the nose followed by subtle caramel and toffee and a nice medium length finish with just the right amount of heat. This drinks way below the 111.8 proof and is sure to disappear quickly.

About Old Elk Distillery: 

We started with passion and vision: to transcend tradition by creating a timeless bourbon recipe and innovative process that elevates the bourbon landscape. This evolved into the collaboration of Old Elk Distillery with Master Distiller Greg Metze, whose visionary leadership refined and enhanced the Old Elk bourbon recipe to create a top shelf bourbon.

Old Elk Distillery is currently a production facility, with a vision to open a larger distillery in Colorado. The Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey recipe was created by the Old Elk Distillery team and Greg Metze. To help age and blend the bourbon whiskey, Old Elk worked with three key partners to ensure the quality and consistency of our barrel-aged blended bourbon. Every Old Elk Bourbon barrel is hand-selected by our distilling team, where they follow sensory and sampling criteria to ensure the barrels create a consistent blended profile year after year.