Penelope Valencia Bourbonfinds Single Barrel Selection


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Barrel Information:
Bourbonfinds 2024 Barrel #7
Company: Penelope
Product: Penelope - Straight Bourbon Whiskey - Finished in Vino De Naranja Casks
Age: 3+ years
Proof: 110.0 
Source: MGP

Tasting Notes: This has rich citrus notes on the nose. I feel like this is an Orange Fashioned in a bottle. The bourbon has notes of caramel, vanilla, and sweet oak all surrounded by notes of citrus. Neat or on ice this is a delicious pour that shows off the wine influence on the bourbon while still letting all the whiskey notes shine through. The finish is a tad dry from the wine cask, but the element of caramelized citrus helps balance that nicely. This is an extremely limited offering from Penelope, and I hope you all enjoy this delicious pick.