Rhum Pere Labat Reserve Familiale


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This rhum agricole from Distillerie Poisson starts with four varieties of local, hand-cut sugarcane. The freshly pressed juice is fermented for 72 hours, after which distillation takes place in a copper creole column still. It is then aged in the tropical climate of Marie-Galante for six years in 200L oak barrels before bottling.

Rhum Pere Labat is distilled on the island of Marie-Galante, part of Guadeloupe. The distillery, aging facilities, and the estate's sugarcane fields sit on 1300+ acres. Producing rum since the early 1900s, Pere Labat utilizes estate and locally grown sugarcane varieties native to the island. As rhum agricole, these spirits are produced from fresh-pressed sugarcane juice rather than molasses. The distillery is the oldest on the island of Marie-Galante and houses one of the oldest stills in the Caribbean.

42% ABV
Aged 6 years old