SUYO Pisco Quebranta


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Vineyard: Fundo Puente Viejo

Release #02

Grape: Quebranta

Year: 2017

Vineyard: Fundo Puente Viejo 

  • Family: del Carpio 
  • Region: La Huaca, Mala, Lima 
  • Distance from coastline: 3 km 
  • Altitude: 5 meters above sea level 
  • Terroir: predominantly clay loam soil with high mineral concentration in topsoil. Located on a plain exposed to ocean breeze, which result in grapes with higher levels of acidity and minerality.

Batch Characteristics 

  • Grape Type: 100% Quebranta 
  • Harvest Method: Handpicked 
  • Harvested: Mar. 2017 | Bottled: Jan. 2022 
  • Alc/Vol: 42.5% 
  • Liters Produced: 2,200 L

Production Process 

  • Ingredients: 100% grapes. No additives used. 
  • Fermentation: Spontaneous, wild yeast. 
  • Distillation: Single-distilled in copper alembic stills.
  • Resting: 57 months. 
  • Filtration: Non-chill.
  • Tasting Notes • Dry and mineral-forward with notes of green apple and a lingering black pepper finish.