SUYO Pisco Quebranta


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Single Origin Series: Quebranta

General Description:

This limited batch of pisco puro is made from 100% Quebranta grapes harvested in 2021 from La Esperanza Vineyard a women-owned and led vineyard in Mala Valley, Lima. Only 3,000 bottles have been made available. Tasting notes of ripe fruit and peach compote, a characteristic of this vineyard's terroir.


  • 100% Grapes. No additives, not even water.
  • Tasting Notes: Soft notes of fruit compote and pecan. Smooth finish with spicy undertones
  • How to Enjoy: Sip neat or elevate any cocktail, such as a Chilcano or Capitán.
  • Batch Information:
  • Type of Pisco: Pisco Puro
  • Harvest Year: 2021
  • Alc/Vol: 41.5%
  • Number of Bottles: 3,000

Terroir Summary: Warm, arid summers followed by cool, cloudy winters. The surrounding slopes (part of the Andes mountain range) protect the vines from early morning and late afternoon sun. These factors result in smaller grapes with higher sugar concentrations, which lead to a round and fruit-forward pisco.


  • Vineyard: Fundo La Esperanza
  • Region: San José del Monte, Mala, Lima
  • Family: Ponce de León
  • Altitude: 100 meters above sea level
  • Distance from Coastline: 14km
  • Climate: warm and arid
  • Average Yearly Rainfall: 0 mm/year
  • Soil Type: Clay/Sandy Loam


  • Ingredients: 100% Grapes. No additives used.
  • Harvest Method: 100% Manual. Handpicked grapes.
  • Fermentation: natural fermentation using wild yeast
  • Distillation: Single-distilled in a 1000L copper alembic still
  • Resting: 32 months
  • Filtration: non-chill